For the Discerning Gambler

The No Go List

In the relentless search for the perfect online casino one must encounter casinos that are just plain bad. The worst ones are rogue and don't pay out but most of the time it is technical issues, bad policies or poor customer service that let them down.

Gaming Club

A Microgaming casino, Gaming Club is very buggy and slow with its user interface not loading properly in places and long wait times for pages and games to load. As soon as you sign up you are bombarded not just with email offers but a literal invasion of txt messages and pushy telemarketing calls.

Spin Palace

Why do so many online casino review sites promote this casino? One must wonder how much of a commitment they have to finding good casinos for their site visitors. A microgaming casino, Spin Palace is slow and buggy like Gaming Club. And just like Gaming Club they have an aggressive telemarketing policy. What is so frustrating is that players have to bring up live chat to unsubscribe from marketing and endure the slow and incompetent customer service while you answer a slew of security questions. What are they thinking? If someone signs up for your service why would you bombard them with spam?

All Australian Casino

This "All Australian" casino is actually licensed and operated out of Malta. The Australian themed marketing seems more likely to attract visitors of Australian tourist shops than actual Australians. The review proceeded as far as trying to make a deposit once a game had been clicked on. After two attempts to deposit and two "system errors" it was time to say farewell to this casino.

Emu Casino

Another Australian online casino wanna be. This casino sends a verification email when one signs up. In the email it says to click the verification link. The only problem is that the verification link is unclickable. Upon looking at the HTML code of the email it is clear that the company is poorly run.

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